Stewards of the Utah State Capitol

The Capitol Preservation Board (CPB) was created in 1998 by the Utah State Legislature and Governor Michael O. Leavitt to be the Stewards of the Capitol. The Board and its staff maintain, improve, and oversee the buildings and grounds on the Capitol Hill Complex.

CPB manages four unique programs on a daily basis:

front of capitol building in snow

Capitol Stewardship

The Board oversees the operation and careful management of the Capitol Hill Complex buildings and grounds. CPB staff oversee all interior building projects and exterior grounds projects as well as communicate with and assist Capitol Hill tenants. Projects are instituted to improve access for Capitol visitors or employees, increase the life safety of the buildings and their inhabitants, and preserve the buildings and grounds for generations to come.

Inventory, Collections & Curation

The Inventory Program defines, identifies, registers, and tracks all important contents of the Capitol Hill Complex—including all state-owned items of historical significance— and oversees the care and conservation of these items. Inside the Capitol, a wide variety of original artwork, treasured artifacts, and historical furnishings are on display, in storage, or used functionally. CPB oversees the selection and installation of exhibits, artwork, and statuary throughout the Capitol Hill Complex.
Wedding reception in the Rotunda inside the Utah State Capitol

Events and Scheduling

The Capitol Events and Scheduling Program, managed by CPB, schedules more than 4,400 events each year in 28 spaces inside the Capitol and East Senate Building, as well as in the White Memorial Chapel, Plazas, Lawn Areas, and South Steps of the Capitol Hill Complex. The thousands of events on Capitol Hill range from free speech rallies and government meetings to choral performances and wedding ceremonies.
Group touring Utah State Capitol

Visitor Services

To accommodate and serve the more than 200,000 people who visit each year—for business, events, and tourism—the Visitor Services Center implements programs for education, training, and civic engagement. Many Capitol visitors—from local community groups to far-traveling tourists—take exciting and informative tours with one of the Capitol Docents.

2023-24 Capitol Preservation Board
Strategic Planning Report

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Capitol Preservation Board Members

The Board is made up of 11 members, including representatives from all three branches of government—executive, legislative, and judicial. Each member of the Board serves for the length of their terms in office. Dana M. Jones is the Executive Director of the Capitol Preservation Board and the Board members are–

  • Lieutenant Governor Deidre Henderson, Chair
  • President J. Stuart Adams
  • Speaker Mike Schultz
  • Senator Gregg Buxton
  • Senator Jen Plumb
  • Representative James A. Dunnigan
  • Representative Jennifer Dailey-Provost
  • Chief Justice Matthew B. Durrant
  • Attorney General Sean D. Reyes
  • State Treasurer Marlo M. Oaks
  • SHPO Director Chris Merritt

Public Meeting Notices

Capitol Preservation Board Meetings
Meeting Agenda for 05/08/2024