Capitol Flag Program

Commemorating, Honoring and Appreciating

The Capitol Flag Program is run by the Capitol Preservation Board (CPB) as a way to commemorate holidays, special events, and honor the work of community groups and civic organizations.

1 - Where will the flag be flown?
Select an American flag, historic state flag, or Utah state flag and CPB staff will fly it over the Capitol building in honor of your recipient or to commemorate a special event.

2 - What are the costs and dimensions of the flags?
The American flag is $35 and the Historic and Utah State flags are $40.  They are 3×5 feet and are made in the USA from 100% heavyweight nylon.

3 - What happens after the flag is flown?
After the flag is flown, it may be picked up from the CPB office or shipped for an additional cost. A certificate will accompany the flag and can be customized for the recipient.

4 - Order your flag today: Complete the form below to order your flag, have it flown over the Capitol building, and receive your certificate to commemorate the event today.

5 - Paying for Your Order: After completing the form below, a CPB staff member will reach out to confirm your order and give you a total price. The total prices includes  the flag, certificate, and/or shipping. The customer will then call in or stop by the office to pay for their order.

Available Flags to Commemorate a Special Event or Recipient


American Flag



Historic Flag


Utah state flag.

State Flag


Submit Your Request

    Certificate Example

    This United States flag is presented to (line 1)

    Recipient Name (line 2)

    upon recognition of the achievement of his Eagle Scout award. (line 3)

    Accepted Forms of Payment

    The Capitol Preservation Board accepts cash, check, Visa, American Express, or MasterCard. Flags can be mailed at the charge of the buyer.

    Personal Flag Flown

    Flags may be provided by customer to be flown at the Utah State Capitol.

    Certificate fee of $15 will apply.